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About The MFF

The First Annual Motorcycle Film Festival

Thursday, September 26th – Saturday, September 28th, 2013

Brooklyn, NY

$65/Full Festival Pass, $8/Screening

The Motorcycle Film Festival is an idea whose time has come: we are in the midst of the biggest creative boom centered on motorcycles since the 1970s.  Every motorcycle customizer has an in-house filmmaker, and every hip moto-event from Biarritz to Melbourne has built-in paparazzi; we can re-live the antics of fellow bikers on Youtube, or gasp at masterworks from talented videographers, who often unwittingly work side by side. The massive, youthful rise of moto-mania has excited big motorcycle factories to collaborate with rising garage artists, and has inspired professional filmmakers that now is the time to produce that long-dreamt two-wheel feature film.

 The Motorcycle Film Festival was founded in 2013 by a group of NYC motorcyclists and independent filmmakers, to provide a home for motorcycle films from around the world, and give moto/film enthusiasts an event to gather, discuss, and celebrate our favorite subject.  Film categories include Short and Feature Length Narratives, Documentaries, and Experimental Films. Interested filmmakers can submit work to motorcyclefilmfestival.com, by Aug. 23rd. For further information, contact motorcyclefilmfestival@gmail.com



Ever since I was small, I’ve been obsessed with film. All of it. The good, the bad and the bizarre, but I always seemed to gravitate to the car and bike flicks. Brando, McQueen, Keaton, they all rode bikes. Cagney shooting a tommy gun from the running board of a highboy roadster. Cassavetes in Devils Angels years before Gloria, Milners deuce coupe. Lee Marvin’s stripey sweater in The Wild One. Motorcycle Boy, Easy Rider, The Wild Angels, Vanishing Point, Girl On A Motorcycle. The anti hero. The call of the open road. The doomed race against not the clock, but your own demons that can’t be won and that’s usually lost in a ball of fire. And all those years set to a solid soundtrack of ex mechanic Tom Waits crooning on about an old ‘55. I dunno, they got me. I smoked unfiltered Lucky Strikes, drank too much whiskey and started riding and tinkering on old cars and bikes. I was hooked bad on not just looking the part, but being the part…Well, maybe not that ball of fire part.
These days I still ride Vintage bikes. I make custom motorcycle seats as Via Meccanica, and screen all those same hell raising, fast paced vehicular flicks that shaped me (for better or worse) weekly at Cine Meccanica. I organize Motorcycle events (loose Screw Seminars NYCVMS) with my dear friend, and tireless partner Jack Drury. So, for me, The Motorcycle Film Festival is a natural coming full circle, and I couldn’t be more proud and honored to be a part of it. See you at the flicks! – Corinna


Born into an event production family, Jack has been making events happen since the 7th grade talent show. He currently works as a technical director for his family’s production company. He co-founded the Rockaway Beach Food and Craft Beer Festival and has been involved with the NYC Vintage Motorcycle Show since 2010. He is the co-founder of Loose Screw Seminars, a series of talks and classes about motorcycles/life by motorcyclists.

Jack has over 13 years of experience in the event production business as a technical director, producer, creative director, and coordinator. He runs a division of Drury Design Dynamics called 3DX.

cb_crew_bcBACKSEAT CONCEPTIONS (presenting the 2013 MFF)
Backseat Conceptions has been producing and providing production services for film and video projects worldwide since 2002. A partnership between three main producers⎯Zafer Ulkucu, Doug Sakmann and Nick Esposito⎯collectively Backseat has over three decades of experience working professionally in film and video and a skilled roster of directors and crew members for any type of project. Whatever you can conceptualize, Backseat can make a reality. Recent projects include production on TLC’s “Breaking Amish,” Discovery Channel’s “Amish Mafia,” and Bravo’s “Life After Top Chef,” as well as viral marketing campaigns for Comcast, Simon and Schuster, and Penguin Putnam Publishing. In addition Backseat is preparing to release two feature horror movies in 2013, “Cross Bearer” and “The Cemetery.” See http://www.backseatconceptions.com for more info.